Having watched a fair number of Korean dramas to date, too many for my own good, I wonder why there’s the tendency to typecast actors(actor: used as universal term to denote people of either gender who act) ..? I understand it’s “safe” to cast actors in roles they might have carved a mark in previously.. but typecasting which i’m noticing alot of in the dramas over the years seems to portray an actor undertaking similar roles with set characteristics, temperaments, behaviour…

One example was Jo In-sung. He seemed to have been placed in similar roles from the one in What Happened in Bali to Spring Day. 2 consecutive similar character roles.. Clever move to have gone into film and taken on Frozen Flower though. Totally broke away from otherwise another typecasting before military service ๐Ÿ™‚ (the male actors are often remembered for their last role before army) Let’s hope he doesn’t accidentally fall into being typecasted again for his future projects.

Others i can think of whom i feel were in similar circumstances and have since seemed to have broken away are Gong Yoo, Lee Jun Ki, Kang Dong Won, Joo Jin Mo, So Ji Sub to name a few.

Scent of a woman is quite a gentle re-launch for Lee Dong Wook back onto the screen i feel. The eye candy role he undertook does not ecstatically add to his acting repertoire, but can possibly catapult him to more opportunities that scriptwriters can create. Personally, and again it is my personal opinion so please don’t shoot me down for it, his role did not showcase his acting abilities. If other similar roles come along and he takes them on again, he’ll risk falling into the typecasting rut.

An actor like Kang Dong Won is very different. Think of all the roles he’s ever been in such as 1% of Anything to Secret Reunion. It’s all vastly extreme character profiles. Amazing. If only more of the actors make more informed choices, I reckon they’d be doing themselves more favours.

Another one I’d like to mention is Yoon Eun Hye most notably remembered for her role in Coffee Prince. Her subsequent productions haven’t allowed much outlet for other acting skills probably inherent in her. Not too fair, i feel. Error of choice the actor makes or poor casting ?


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