(written back in July 2011)

After having kept up with this incident this entire time, I came across a few articles, that raised some concerns within me, someone of non-European descent living and working in Europe and have done so for more than a decade now. I am after all, a product of this multicultural movement.

I realize there will always exist the different ideologies that pertain to immigration and spread of multiculturalism.

Is this incident catalytic for something that has existed for a long time in Europe?

One online publication said :

“Is he just an isolated extremist?

No, Breivik’s xenophobia is shared by extreme-right activists and politicians across the region. His anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant manifesto echoes “a sentiment you find in all European countries,” said Thomas Hegghammer, of the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment in Oslo, as quoted in The Wall Street Journal. From Sweden to Italy, populist politicians have gained newfound power by lashing out against Muslim immigrants, whom they say cause crime and unemployment while rejecting Western values.”


Likewise in Time.com:

“It will take some time before police can determine if Breivik represents the avant-garde of a new right wing in Europe or if his actions are just political theater — deadly, tragic, well rehearsed, yes, but just the one-off act of an unhinged man.”


Right, so that means, that sentiment(painted collectively as though it should be a single thread) if indeed prevalent could simply be waiting to be exonerated at some point.

Is this sentiment meant to be given a voice? He’s done the worst that one could imagine just to reach that platform.

And in the process of trying to get this, he’s also gravely robbed the voices of a vast number by taking their lives.

Not just have Norway and her people to experience this atrocious act, her judiciary will also be put to the test based on results of further psychiatric assessment of this guy :

“Now that Norwegians are beginning to understand Breivik’s sheer ruthlessness, the country’s profound belief in forgiveness and redemption will no doubt be sorely tested. No one can be sentenced to more than 21 years in prison for a criminal act, which raises the prospect that unless Anders Behring Breivik is declared insane, the man on the farm could be free to walk the streets of Oslo again in less than quarter of a century.”


On one hand, he’s to be treated fairly regardless of what he’s done. i.e. give him a “voice”, a “stage” to speak about why he did what he did, and what else he’s planning etc. On the other hand, he’s done something so atrocious that it’s difficult for any normal society to still grant him what as a human he’s due: his rights to speak to an audience, herein, the court, the media, the world. Tricky.

He must have known there’s that chance he’d NOT be granted that “stage” thus sending out his manifesto.

“Could be free to walk again in less than quarter of a century”… apparently he took 8 years to plan his attacks.. if he’s locked behind a cell what else would be concocted in that mind of his? I don’t even want to imagine. From having glanced through what he’s written, one has to admit, ’tis such a shame he’s taken that route to “speak” and hope to be heard. He could have been a lecturer, an academic or a very strong advocate via other means for what he so fervently stood up for and believed in.

Shame, as already he’s being charged with crimes against humanity and terrorism charges. If he’s declared insane, that would mean he’ll be put away for good, away from the main society. But as described here, his manifesto on one hand shows such expertise in his subject of interest, yet on another, peppered with hints of a craze underlying the composition that it could be difficult pinning him down to be definitely insane or too intelligent to be.

In his own manifesto, there is this section “2.87 ”Western”, modern countries that never adopted multiculturalism – Japan, South Korea and Taiwan” in which he states:

“South Korea is among the world’s most ethnically homogeneous nations. Like Japan and Taiwan, South Korea rejects the doctrine of multiculturalism. Most Koreans tend to equate nationality or citizenship with membership in a single, homogeneous ethnic group sharing the same “blood” and history. A common language and culture are also viewed as important elements in Korean identity. The idea of multiracial or multiethnic nations, like Canada or the United States, is opposed in general and strikes many Koreans as odd or even contradictory.”

Note: he’s put his source as Wikipedia, but having gone directly to the source, it is indicated that South Korea is starting to adopt multiculturalism. So I’m not entirely sure if Breivik has been isolating himself from the progress of societies at large and for how long to not realize that it’s no longer entirely true that South Korea rejects multiculturalism.

From having been here, I sure don’t get the impression they reject multiculturalism.. ? Or maybe, I’m just so oblivious that I just cannot sense it whilst here??

A German I discussed this with earlier today commented that this tragedy is a rude awakening to MOST Europeans to what COULD happen if such “sentiments” were allowed to continue manifesting in all directions. I expressed that I was concerned this could be catalytic in nature. But he went on to say if anything, it has highlighted and reinforced to many Europeans that this guy’s ideas are what they don’t want in this day and age.

I do see his point of view; totally. However, the paranoia in me is also wondering just as cautiously whether these sentiments are in actual fact en route its full-scale of manifestation(what with social media possessing such far-reaching capabilities), only to be acted upon by some other fanatic again in future 😦

I worry.


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