time to start thinking… !!!!

..plan to become a digital nomad..

after 20 years of paper chasing and career hunting/testing with several big name organisations, i’m officially sick of it.. at first it was the need to establish myself somewhere, some industry, gain some specific skills etc.. then it was the monetary subsistence .. following that job satisfaction… and then, it’s now the point of.. quality of life.

I am now living just to work.. my life is all about working, hitting the boss’ deadlines, helping the company prosper , progress, move on.. all at the expense of my own quality of life. The monetary compensation , i now find is not worth the expense of what i’m giving up, what i’m unable to do or pursue…

this is depressing.. surely, that’s not what life should be about.. there’s so much more i’m more interested in, in this life and in this world.. other countries, how other cultures live, how life is like in a non-corporate surrounding..

I’ve lived in Australasia and Europe, tasted a bit of East Asia and believe I am still very lacking in terms of seeing the world. But with holding down a 9-5 (longer than that to be exact!) job, it’s impossible to free myself to pursue what i’d like to experience. Feels like being in a jail that pays you. You bank and bank. Great.

Feels like I have to wait until retirement(quite a while yet) before I can really pursue what I want. Seriously? Vast majority of people are happy doing this. I know. But I am not.

So what should I do if i’m not happy about something? Someone once said, don’t complain or bear with it, do something about it. Did a search on the internet and stumbled upon the term “Digital nomad”.

Research time!!

If anyone who reads this is interested, this is what i’m referring to:




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