i’m stuck…

how do i free myself from everything…? that’s the question i can’t seem to answer… no i don’t have a family or very many commitments like people of my age do… but i feel really stuck.. i’m doing work i have fought my way getting into. However, I’ve realized after having been in many companies, that it’s not the nature of the job i dislike but the people abusing the technologies i know. The industries and the people in charge put me off.

Their presence make me doubt my interest in what i had always wanted to do. I have been a programmer for a good 6 years now. However, the end product always seems to be for bosses and businesses that don’t care much for it, thus my terming it an “abuse”.

These coupled with immature bosses who are both stuck in their adolescence seriously make me wonder if MOST companies that claim to embrace technology are in fact run by and headed by people who’re not fit to be where they are.

It sickens me to think that i’m wasting all my time and effort in what i enjoy doing for hordes of vultures and hyenas ready to snicker at every little silly occurrence or incident that they come across while on the internet at work time.

There i am toiling away and wondering whether i’m still the fool toiling away for a bunch of clowns… this which then makes me the ultimate fool… how do i break away.. it’s not like i’ve not given any thoughts.. i have .. in fact i’ve been thinking about it for years… what can i do to break away.. to be happy.. or rather.. how … i have no idea..

I admire the Olympians, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt and the like.. they got to do what they love, for themselves.  And because of that, they do their best and love everything that comes along with it.

But what would someone without their sort of talent and ability do to achieve something in life… being a nobody is one thing, being a nothing is far worse… and i’m afraid i’m becoming the latter as the years tick by… how could anyone possibly ever be that hopeless i ask myself..


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