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A picture of a dictionary viewed with a lens on top of it, at the word “Internet” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m probably late in discovering this but did you know that double clicking on any word you see on The Free Dictionary website will automatically load its definition?
Try it! ๐Ÿ™‚


I am so impressed!

Good work and thank you The Free Dictionary ๐Ÿ™‚


Complaints and rant

It’s been a rather puzzling week…
By young people I am referring to people aged between 20 to 29.

1) Why do so many young people of today speak without thinking? So what makes me think it’s just young people of today?
For one, young people these days have been brought up to “speak up” and “discuss”, more so than back in my time when most were
simply taught to placidly accept, then question later. People outside of that age group do that too, i know. But as far as people i’ve come across through my life, they do tend to apply at least some filter and not simply blurt whatever comes to mind thank goodness.

At my workplace, no doubt part of the creative/marketing industry, there exist a team of talkative girls.
No problem, they need that trait to do their job.
But when you hear the things they utter throughout the course of the day, it makes one think, how can people of their age be so thick and yet get a role in a rather forward thinking, apparently fast moving and astute(or maybe that’s just my delusion) company? How many clients have they put off without realizing it? I’m certain they won’t ever know.

8 out of 10 utterances have been making me wonder why I’d even want to do work for this team. Jaw-droppingly stumped!
I never believed in the term “dumb blondes” because I have known many blondes who are anything but dumb!
But this is one classic example that says, “yep, there you go, one fine example.”
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Horse meat… are you there?

With slow revelation(although hopefully slowing right down) of horsemeat found in food products lately… i wonder if businesses that sell food with beef as a main/partial ingredient have been affected or have noticed a drop in sales..?

I’m curious because although i’m not overly concerned about having accidentally eaten horsemeat, i have to admit that whenever i open up a meal such as frozen pizza with what is supposed to be minced beef on it, the question “is this really beef?” does drift across my mind.

If even 1 person such as myself have such thoughts, what about many others.. are people perhaps consciously or subsconciously avoiding beef/meat meals/products unless they definitely know its origin lately… ?
Are restaurants bearing the brunt and seeing a fall in say orders of steak dishes, pies, beef casseroles, pasties etc… ?

no endings..

i’ve had a lot of short stories in my life but they’ve mostly not had an ending. Unfortunately, there are a lot of loose ends to tie.. but now i feel it’s too late to tie them up individually.. ย so i try to make sure that i don’t have anymore loose ends as i get older.. constantly reminding myself..ย  all the hurt and confusion i’d caused, borne out of my own personal fear… selfish.

i’m stuck…

how do i free myself from everything…? that’s the question i can’t seem to answer… no i don’t have a family or very many commitments like people of my age do… but i feel really stuck.. i’m doing work i have fought my way getting into. However, I’ve realized after having been in many companies, that it’s not the nature of the job i dislike but the people abusing the technologies i know. The industries and the people in charge put me off. Continue reading

time to start thinking… !!!!

..plan to become a digital nomad..

after 20 years of paper chasing and career hunting/testing with several big name organisations, i’m officially sick of it.. at first it was the need to establish myself somewhere, some industry, gain some specific skills etc.. then it was the monetary subsistence .. following that job satisfaction… and then, it’s now the point of.. quality of life. Continue reading


Having watched a fair number of Korean dramas to date, too many for my own good, I wonder why there’s the tendency to typecast actors(actor: used as universal term to denote people of either gender who act) ..? I understand it’s “safe” to cast actors in roles they might have carved a mark in previously.. but typecasting which i’m noticing alot of in the dramas over the years seems to portray an actor undertaking similar roles with set characteristics, temperaments, behaviour… Continue reading


(written back in July 2011)

After having kept up with this incident this entire time, I came across a few articles, that raised some concerns within me, someone of non-European descent living and working in Europe and have done so for more than a decade now. I am after all, a product of this multicultural movement. Continue reading