i’m stuck…

how do i free myself from everything…? that’s the question i can’t seem to answer… no i don’t have a family or very many commitments like people of my age do… but i feel really stuck.. i’m doing work i have fought my way getting into. However, I’ve realized after having been in many companies, that it’s not the nature of the job i dislike but the people abusing the technologies i know. The industries and the people in charge put me off. Continue reading


time to start thinking… !!!!

..plan to become a digital nomad..

after 20 years of paper chasing and career hunting/testing with several big name organisations, i’m officially sick of it.. at first it was the need to establish myself somewhere, some industry, gain some specific skills etc.. then it was the monetary subsistence .. following that job satisfaction… and then, it’s now the point of.. quality of life. Continue reading